I am a contemporary realist painter, born in NYC, living in New Jersey. Compelled to narrate, I paint  a world I can live in—full of color, balance and harmony.

Writing informs my visual trajectory. Organizing the willy-nilly confetti of experience onto a page structures my thoughts and leads me more consciously in the direction I’m heading anyway. The themes of my work often require earning access in some way. My conceptually lived-out stories are told in a personal style described as “psychedelic precision.”


I view reality as a collection of abstract shapes. Once representation is reasonably established, I look for the grace of each mark, translating realism into a compilation of poetic vignettes. I am balancing the attributes of each shape, pushing truth to the edge—just short of falling off. 

Rocking between accuracy and playfulness, I arrive at the ‘real’ picture.  


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